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Can you help me setup my email software?

Whilst we can and do provide you with website hosting and thus email accounts, we cannot support every enquiry we get regarding the email client you have chosen to view these emails.

There are just far too many different types of email software and applications that you can use to download and send/receive email. Just thinking about PCs and Microsoft Outlook alone, there are various different versions of this software, each different from the last, each with their unique own quirks.

Then there are MACs, Linux and Google systems, other software both commercial and free. Then there are an every growing number of smartphones. We also need to take into account if you are connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Then there is your internet service provider, they too can get in the way of a successful email.

When you look at all of the different types and versions of software, the number of different internet service providers and the different types of email account, the permutations are countless.

Whilst we do have some basic guides for the most popular applications, even these only just scrape the surface.

We will try to provide as much help as we can, however please do bear in mind that we are a website and email hosting company and not a PC, MAC or smartphone support company. So have patience with us and be prepared to use the services of a third party computer specialist who should be able to help you further.

We think of this like car sales; whilst they can sell you the car, they cannot teach you to drive.
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 Last Updated 4 years ago

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