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I can receive emails but cannot send emails

Receiving emails and sending emails are like chalk and cheese - usually very unconnected. Think of it like your normal mail. You receive letters daily that are delivered to your front door by the postman, but you send a letter by dropping it in the postbox. it's the same with email.

If you can collect (receive) email, but cannot send them, this if often down to some preferences made by the internet connection you are using (i.e your service provider). They use different doors called ports to connect you to the internet, sometimes these change for no good reason and you need to make some changes to your email software to cater for this.

Your outgoing server settings can use three different ports to connect to your email. Think of these like doors to your house (front, back and patio). Some internet service providers just like to use one door over another.

You will have one of these configured – Either Port 587 or 25 or 2500
Just try one of the other port numbers to see which your internet service provider prefers.

This will be in the Advanced section of your Outgoing email settings.

 Last Updated 4 years ago

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