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I can receive email but cannot send email

Sometimes you can send emails perfectly fine whilst in your office, connected to your own WiFi, but when you go out and about you have difficulty connecting to our servers and are unable to send or receive email from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This can be down to the Internet connection you are using (i.e your service provider). Different service providers use different ports to connect you to the internet, sometimes these change these for no good reason or they prefer one ports over another. if you are not using their preferred port, then you won't be able to connect to our server to send emails.

Think of ports like doors to your house. They can all get you in, but if you have the key to your front door, it usually won't work on the back door. So you'll need to make some changes to your settings depending on how you connect to the internet; or hoe your service provider wants you to connect.

Your outgoing email server settings can use a variety of different ports to connect to our servers and thus allow you to send your email.

We can provide you with an appropriate list of ports for you to try. Just try one of the other ports to see which your internet service provider prefers you to use. It's sadly a bit of trial and error.

This will be in the Advanced section of your Outgoing email settings.

 Last Updated 4 years ago

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