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Website Textual Content

Clarke Design prides itself in the quality of our website design. We have years of expertise in the design and development of websites for a whole range of clients and customers.

One of the most common questions we get however is “Why do I need content for my website?”

This is YOUR Website!

Sorry to start off so bluntly, but that’s why YOU must provide the content for YOUR website.

It’s your business and you know it better than anyone. You know your products and services, you know (or we hope you do) why you are great, why people should use you and not your competitors. You know all the facts about your business, your team, your contact details, your history, what types of customers you want, the details of each of your different services.

Clarke Website Design Ltd are website designers and developers. We do not work in your business; We are not copywriters, wordsmiths, photographers or videographers.

To help you build your website and to make it unique to you and your business, we need something to fill your website with. Without custom content written specifically for you, your business, and your website, we cannot complete the website project.

We need textual content for every page, every section, every heading, every paragraph
  • Details about each of your products and services
  • Your history, about page, details of your team, benefits, stories, testimonials
  • Facts and figures, email addresses, phone numbers, address, registration numbers
  • Then the details of the site where you talk about everything you can do for your customers
  • Case studies and testimonials, price lists, document downloads etc…
As part of your website design and build, we will discuss with you the pages that we need for your website. You too can let us know what you want on your website. Then we can provide you with a ‘shopping list’ of what we need to complete the project.

As part of the design we may use placeholder text to show you what your website could look like. We usually use Latin (as no one understands Latin) to show you how a page layout will work when filled with text and images. Naturally we need some ‘real’ text to replace this as the project progresses.

You have choices as to how you can get the content for your website.

You can either do it all yourself , work with your other business colleagues or you can employ other third-party professionals to help you.

Whilst Clarke Design are not copywriters, photographers or videographers, we do work closely with other companies who are. We are happy to put you in touch with them to see how they can help you provide all the necessary content for your website. Just ask.

 Last Updated 4 years ago

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