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Are Hosting and Domain Names Renewed Automatically

We always automatically renew your annual hosting and domain names

Clarke Design would just like to remind you that domain names and website hosting are always automatically renewed for you so you have peace of mind that your website will continue to operate smoothly.

We will do all of the necessary work involved with your renewals thus ensuring your continued presence on the Internet.

For website hosting and domain names, we always invoice 60 days before the renewal date. This is to allow for the delivery of the invoice and to give you 30 days to pay that invoice as appropriate.

We have to renew many domain names and hosting components at least 30 days before their actual expiry date with our suppliers, so if we renew a domain name and then invoice you, you may then decide that you do not wish to renew it, we are out of pocket and that's clearly not fair.

We always automatically renew your annual hosting and domain names, unless we receive at least 30 days notice of your intention to cancel.

Just not paying your renewal invoice is not accepted by Clarke Design as notification of cancellation.

You do not have to wait until you receive your annual invoice to inform us of your intentions. It's always best to tell us as soon as possible.

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